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Granny Mod

Finally ‘DevLoper‘ have launched their new game, Granny Chapter 2, It is in trending on Playstore and App Store .

As it is a 2nd chapter, it is also very difficult, Granny Chapter 1 has only one character but Granny 2 has a character.

About Granny 2:

Granny chapter 2 has new more exciting features as boat, current door, Grandpa (New Character), pet(Crocodile)  and many more features, that can easily kill you in game. In this game Granny character has same procedure means if you drops any thing, granny will able to listen, Granny can also listen your all activities, but Interesting fact is grandpa can’t listen anything. But Grandpa has a stylish chain😁 Grandpa wears it with security key😂. 

Granny 2 is a first-individual awfulness themed portable game that pulls you in and keeps you speculating until the end. Bolted inside by the Granny character, it’s dependent upon you to get away from her home. In spite of the fact that it sounds clear, there are wanders aimlessly that make it all the more fascinating; all things considered, Granny hears everything.

Granny 2 is the follow up to the first Granny game. With a comparable reason, enthusiasts of the first will discover parcels to appreciate and newcomers will definitely be frightened. The idea is straightforward: Granny has bolted you inside her home and it’s dependent upon you to get out alive. It is difficult, be that as it may. Granny hears everything and even the smallest commotion will bring her running. In the event that that wasn’t troublesome enough, you additionally just have five days to escape so the clock is ticking. So avoid locate, discover spots to cover up, (as under beds and inside the closet) and hold up until there’s no sign of danger to continue.

The controls of Granny 2 are exceptionally fundamental and highlight joystick-style catches on the left and right half of the presentation, while the designs are a stage up from its ancestor. While the game may not offer anything new as far as mechanical progression in the versatile game domain, it will make certain to fulfill the easygoing player.

About Granny 2 Mod apk:-

If you’re a pro player, You can play granny 2 easily, but if you’re a Decent or Noob Player then you can’t play it without mod, so finally i am writing about Granny 2 mod apk, If you want to win this game in extreme mod then read my article carefully, you will be able to play this game like pro.

Friends granny 2 mod has a great features, that is Granny or Grandpa can’t kill you, means you can find all objects easily in the game, then you will win! But My opinion says play this game without mod😅. Anyways this quote not for noobs or decent players 😁. 

Here’s Some Info About Granny 2 Mod:-

  • Platform:- Android
  • Game Size:- 63 Mb(Approximately)
  • Game Developer: DvLoper
  • Game Modder: TechnicalGrow & Android-1

Game Info From Playstore:-

Granny and Grandpa keeps you locked his home. 

Welcome to Granny: Part Two. 

Granny and Grandpa keeps you locked his home this time. 

To endure You need to attempt to escape his home, however be cautious and calm. Granny hears everything not surprisingly. Grandpa doesn’t hear great yet he hits hard. 

On the off chance that you drop something on the floor, Granny hears it and comes running. 

You can cover up in closets or under beds. 

You have 5 days. 

Be cautious!

How To Download GRANNY 2 MOD Apk:-

It’s so easy and quick to download granny 2 mod apk Also a shield of Android-1 & TechnicalGrow,Inc So you can trust on it. You can also subscribe our YouTube channel TECHNICAL GROW from here

Procesdure To Download This Game:

  • Click Here.
  • Download
  • Allow Unknown Source.
  • Install .
  • Open


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